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The ADEN University Global MBA is designed to prepare business leaders to manage companies in an international and connected world.


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22 January


You will also comprehend the risks and sustainability of a company in the global market precisely. This should be changed to: You will precisely comprehend the risks and sustainability of a company within the global market.

About Global MBA


Admission Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  2. Demonstrated proficiency in the language of study
  3. Admission interview

Program Objectives:

  1. To understand and apply the general principles of management
  2. To prepare graduates to be leaders in regional and international business
  3. To understand the risks and sustainability of business in the global marketplace


Course Descriptions

  • Organizational Development and Operations

    This course explores strategic management of Human Capital for Organizational Development. Strategy, structure, jobs and people. Culture and its influence on company results.

    3 credits

    Prerequisite: None

  • Accounting, Finance and Economics

    This course presents the use of quantitative metrics for company analysis. Introduces the value of accounting information for the users. Financial analysis for Investment decisions. Development of internal control systems. Preparation of management reports for decision making. Micro and Macro Economics and the business cycle. Economic policies and their impact on business.

    3 credits

    Prerequisite: None

  • Marketing and Sales

    This course reviews the role of marketing in the organization. Introduces marketing concepts and their relation to sales strategies and business objectives. Explores the interaction of marketing and sales.

    3 credits

    Prerequisite: None

  • Corporate Strategy and Business Development

    his course introduces strategic management as a key management tool for competitive enterprises. Development of corporate strategy, key aspects to effective implementation including internal and external communications for business development.

    2 credits

    Prerequisite: None

  • Business Plan

    Students are introduced to the structure of a comprehensive business plan including all aspects of operations and human capital management. The importance of financial planning, cash flow, forecasting income and expenses for evaluation of economic viability. Tips for an effective presentation of the business plan to investors.

    3 credits

    Prerequisite: None

  • Managerial and Personal Leadership

    This course explores personal and managerial leadership as key to the success of individuals and organizations. The challenge of driving new generations. Integrated model of leadership. Introduces techniques for high personal performance. Managing discourse, body language body and public speaking as tools for successful leaders and managers.

    3 credits

    Prerequisite: None

  • International Business Strategies

    This course compares and contrasts business strategies as they relate to economic development. Students analyze characteristics of developed markets, emerging markets and so-called frontier opportunity markets for risks, costs and benefits.

    3 credits

    Prerequisite: None

  • Marketing for International Business

    This course explores marketing for international business. Includes the research of international markets. Explores the challenges of adapting traditional marketing research for diverse markets. International sales modalities and payment methods. Complexity inherent to global marketing, cultural risks for multi-region campaigns and the creative of a sustainable competitive position across borders.

    3 credits

    Prerequisite: None

  • Leading Global Teams

    This course covers the complexity of leading global teams. Fostering Cross Border Team Effectiveness. Creating and maintaining the engagement of virtual and remote teams. Culture and business.

    3 credits

    Prerequisite: None

  • Multinational Finance and Accounting

    This course covers the impact of internationalization on corporate finance. Strategies to manage foreign exchange in multi-national enterprises. Comparison of global accounting standards, compliance and standardization of reporting across borders. Challenges of country and region risk management.

    3 credits

    Prerequisite: None

  • Global Account Management

    This course introduces Global Account Management Strategies and practices aka Strategic or Key Account Management. Students explore the complexity of managing international B2B sales. Compensation schemes for Key and Global Accounts. Corporate Communication and culture as relates to global, regional and strategic or key account management organizations. Enterprise Organizational Development strategy for companies with GAM.

    3 credits

    Prerequisite: GMBA 6001

  • Integrative Global Business Project and Simulation

    This experiential course requires students to think critically and develop a comprehensive strategy, analyze research, allocate resources, and implement all elements of a coherent global business strategy with an integrative project and business simulation.

    3 credits

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of all other required GMBA coursework and Departmental approval.

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